How to do Ireland in six days

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While I don’t think you can ever really ‘do’ Ireland in a short amount of time, we only had six days to play with before Liam had to be back for cricket in Barnsley. In that time we managed to fit in four cities, three castles, one set of cliffs, a ferry trip, a horse-and-carriage ride through a national park and countless pubs. And this is how we did it…


After a 35-minute flight from Manchester, Liam, his friend Nikki and I arrived in Dublin at around 8am ready to explore. We checked into our hostel (the apparently popular and very functional Jacob’s Inn, not far from O’Connell Street) and set out to walk the streets. We were initially disappointed – Dublin on a Sunday morning is like a ghost town, with pubs and shops closed and streets looking quite empty and dilapidated. Keen to explore the famous…

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10 Reasons Ireland Rules for Family Vacations


Ireland is a wonderland for family travel. The warmth of the Irish people and the county’s well established tourist infrastructure make it an inviting and accessible place even for novice travelers. The left-side driving is the only challenging part, but the freedom and spontaneity a rental car allows make it essential. Off-road Ireland is where the adventures begin!

My son Robin will remember this vacation for the rest of his life. Here are 10 reasons you should consider taking a family vacation in Ireland.

1. Happy dining

Bangers and Mash …and peas, and bacon. Bread and butter. Chips. Crisps. Baked beans. There are simple pleasures on kids’ menus throughout this fair green land. And the omni-present Early Bird dinner means mom and dad can dine in some of the cities’ best restaurants before 7 pm and enjoy two course for under 25 euro. Dinner is served from 5pm onward, and…

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England, Ireland and Wales, Oh my!

Wonderful stops!


The next section of our trip was catching the train from Liverpool, England to Holyhead, Wales. Getting to Holyhead was not a problem but finding our B&B was another adventure. I had Googled the walking instructions and they gave the road signs in English but we were surprised to find that the signs were in Welsh. We got various directions from people which included, “Turn left after the post box.” After thirty minutes we arrived at out B&B with only an envelope with our key to greet us. It was not a great first impression but the delicious cod and chips at the sea made up for it.

We had a full day in Holyhead and we spent it exploring the area. There are so many neat places to visit in Holyhead and we spent the afternoon at Trearddur Bay. We had a peaceful lunch sitting on the beach listening…

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